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Leonardo Galleries represent a wide variety of artists.

Please contact the gallery for information on any of the artists.

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Selected art exhibitions by our artists and our clients' collections:

  • Rufino Tamayo and Gomez Fuertes, paintings from Dr. Jordan B. Peterson's private collection

  • Islands, paintings by Tadeusz Biernot

  • Miro and the Modern Masters - Works on Paper, paintings from client's private collection 

  • Trialogue, paintings by Tadeusz Biernot

  • Rufino Tamayo and Francisco Toledo, paintings from Dr. Jordan B. Peterson's private collection

  • New Works, paintings by Lila Lewis Irving and Albert de Vos 

  • Quidditas / Preservation, paintings by Andrew Charyna and sculptures by Brett Davis

  • The Journey Continues, paintings by Anne Barkley

  • Meeting in Toronto, paintings by Roger Byrt and Scott Carruthers

  • Impressions and Abstractions - Art in the Eastern Bloc, paintings from Dr. Jordan B. Peterson's private collection

  • Photography by John Long, solo Exhibition

  • Interconnecting Lives,  Bisa Bennett and Ernesto Graditi

  • Transcendence Revisited, Serafino Catallo and Anne Barkley

  • Artists and Other Rare Birds, Solo Exhibition by Jane Burns, dedicated to Peter Burns

  • Photography and Digital Art, Peter Adamson, Bret Culp, John Long & Mira Zdjelar

  • Contrasting Worlds, Lena Shugar solo exhibition

  • My Tangible Links, paintings by Hagop Hagopian

  • Our Fragile Planet, Group Exhibition

  • Life Path, Solo Exhibition by Anne Barkley

  • Topographic Flux, Solo Exhibition by Derek von Essen

  • Disambiguation / Ancient Future, Serafino Catallo and Brett Davis

  • The Moment Eternal, Bret Culp and Julie McGregor

  • Infinite Sensuality, paintings by Bisa Bennett

  • Colourscapes, paintings by Shirley Williams

  • Figures on Stage,  New Works by Margarida Neto

  • Fragments of the Imagination, Marjolyn van der Hart

  • New Works, paintings by Serafino Catallo

  • Town and Country, Lena Shugar & Peter Colbert

  • Old World New World, George Barr & Ilya Gefter

  • Magic Flute Diaries, photographs by Kevin Sullivan

  • Post-it Notes, Forget-me-nots, Skeletons & Quiet spots, paintings by Tina Newlove

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