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Toronto Painting Repair Services & Fine Art Restoration | Leonardo Galleries Leonardo Galleries specializes in fine art restoration and appraisal. We provide restoration services for works on canvas, paper, wood, textiles, stone and ceramics. Restoration may range from cleaning and repairing paintings, restoring old or damaged photographs, repairing damaged ceramics and sculptural works, as well as refinishing old frames to their original lustre.
Our restorers have the expertise and experience with many facets of art restoration. They are entrusted to perform restorations for clients such as the Royal Ontario Museum, the House of Commons and for a multitude of other companies and individuals, who have specific restoration needs for their treasured heirlooms and antiques. Skilled in working with delicate and sensitive pieces, our restoration specialists can be relied upon to work wonders with pieces once considered beyond repair.
Art appraisal and damage assessments are done at the gallery, as well as, on site and our clients include major insurance companies.


Aged painting

This example is an oil painting torn and covered with deposits (dirt, dust, smoke), which accumulated over decades and significantly conceal the original colours.

Here you can see the restoration process before and after completion. Once the tear is proffesionally restored and the piece is thoroughly cleaned a frame replacement is chosen and the painting is returned to its original appearance.



On this piece you can see a portion of the painting restored and finished with a glossy finish, and a section with a matte finish.


Further examples

Here are more examples of aged and dirty paintings in the process of being restored.

Visible here, on the left-hand painting, is a tear on one side; then compare it to the fully restored section, where there was also once a hole.


These two drawings by the same artist were framed at the same time. Unfortunately, they were framed using regular cardboard backing; as opposed to the museum-quality acid-free materials exclusively used at Leonardo Galleries. A significant loss of colour occurs after several years, and the effects of improper framing became quite obvious.

The first drawing was expertly restored using deacidification techniques, which brought almost all the original vivid colours back to life. The other drawing, left untouched in its decaying condition, serves as an example of what improper framing will do to works of art.

after   before    
Adjacent is an example of an old black and white photograph. It was badly damaged, with portions missing and torn. The original and the restored copies are also available for viewing at Leonardo Galleries.