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Canadian Standards Association

Canadian Standards Association (CSA), a leading provider of product testing and certification services since 1920, completed an extensive expansion and renovation in November 2010. To showcase the new part of the building, which included a new reception area as well as new conference rooms, CSA decided to frame and preserve various corporate artifacts. These artifacts included the original Letter Patents, Standards Specifications, photographs of current and former Chairs of Board of Directors, as well as other artifacts showing activities through many years. The whole project included 45 items and was completed in a very short timeframe in order to be ready for the opening of the new and renovated parts of the building.


The Toronto Scottish Regiment

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For more than 70 years, Fort York Armoury was the home of the Toronto Scottish Regiment (Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother's Own). In September 2009 the Regiment moved to a new facility at the Captain Bellenden Seymour Hutcheson VC Armoury, located in Etobicoke. In preparation for the move the Regiment decided to restore their valuable paintings, Regimental Colours Display Boards and large Oak wood tables from the Officers’ Mess.

Leonardo Galleries was awarded the entire restoration project for the Toronto Scottish Regiment, consisting of six large oil paintings, three large boards and two large oak tables. The work on this project started in early July 2009.

The paintings and frames, some dating from early 1920’s, were exposed to extensive smoke and pollution over the decades. A thorough cleaning and restoration was required to bring the paintings and frames back to their original splendour.

The three Regimental Colours Display Boards, each in size of 48” x 96”, were quite damaged and dirty, with peeling paint and numerous scratches and holes. The boards were carefully cleaned and restored and brought back to their original state.

The Officers’ Mess Oak tables had numerous scratches, dents and broken or missing pieces of wood. Thus, the tables were refinished and all broken and missing pieces were painstakingly reconstructed.

The timing and completion of the whole project was extremely critical, as it was tied to the actual move of the Toronto Scottish Regiment from Fort York Armoury to the new Captain Bellenden Seymour Hutcheson VC Armoury. The art work was picked up from the old location and restored pieces were moved straight to the new location.

The Toronto Scottish Regiment project was complete in late August 2009.


Bishop Strachan School

The Bishop Strachan School (BSS), Canada’s oldest private day and boarding school for girls, went through an extensive expansion and renovation during the last few years. To showcase its long tradition in education (since 1867), BSS wanted a large number of old photographs, showing activities at the school from the early days until now, put together and re-printed in large format. The collection of nearly 80 black and white photographs was brought to Leonardo Galleries for a grouping and framing consultation project (2009).

The collection was divided into three groups and all photographs were framed and installed, documenting life at the Bishop Strachan School.


Art Cataloguing and Conservation

Leonardo Galleries acquired the conservation and cataloguing project for a private collection consisting of 72 paintings, illustrations and original prints by well-known British painter W. B. Wollen; representative from the time-period 1880 to 1915.

In the first phase of the project Leonardo Galleries organized and created a catalogue for all art pieces in the collection. The catalogue includes the title, description of the artwork, date of the artwork and its medium and size. A detailed condition description of each art piece is provided, together with a recommendation of what is needed to restore and/or preserve it.

During the second phase all pieces requiring restoration were restored.

In the last phase of the project (completed January 2009) a part of the collection was conservation framed. The rest of the collection was preserved in a viewable form by laying the pieces on conservation backing, matting them using conservation mats and wrapping them in conservation tissue.


Estate Paintings

In 2008, Leonardo Galleries was awarded a project to restore a private estate collection consisting of 18 oil paintings by various well-known European artists (including Alfredo Palmero de Gregorio, Antonio Mancini and Domingo Alvarez Gomez). The following process brought the paintings back to their original condition and glory.

Most of the paintings, over the years, were exposed to a considerable amount of cigarette smoke and environmental pollution and required a thorough cleaning and restoration. Once the cleaning and restoration was complete, all pieces were framed. The chosen frames were of mostly imported hand-finished Italian wood, which were specially selected for each piece to compliment the art and make it look fitting in a modern home.

The Toronto Clinics

In 2008, this request came from one of the principals of The Toronto Clinics to frame and install 17 diplomas in a doctor’s office and to provide a solution for their elegant reception area.

It was decided to frame all diplomas using the same cool silver frame, with off white acid free mats and acid free backing. Once framed, the diplomas were installed in the office; organizing them into three groups based on the country where they were issued: Italy, Canada and the United States.

The wall in the reception area has large display shelves, installed and covered with wallpaper. Leonardo Galleries suggested a large 5” width lacquered moulding, which frames the entire shelving area and creates a completely new visual impression for the whole room.