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Anne Barkley

George Barr

Bisa Bennett

Richard Bornemann

Jane Burns

Scott Carruthers

Serafino Catallo

Peter Colbert

Bret Culp

Brett Davis

Susan Donati

Ilya Gefter

Caroline Jonas

Bonnie King

John Long

Janet Lowry

Lena Shugar

Huguette St. Germain

Rita Vindedzis

Shirley Williams

Diana Yoo

Mira Zdjelar

Annual Winter Group Show

Exhibiting for the first time in Canada, UK painter Scott Carruthers showcases his character-centric work. His paintings are largely inspired by a mix of nostalgia from his childhood. The paintings are simple, yet have something significant happening in them. Each painting is telling its own story and keeping the landscape sparse, and free from landscape means there is no outside interference with the essence of the narrative. The focus is then solely on the characters themselves, all the same (as though they could easily just be the one person) yet all painted as individuals. Scott lives in UK and this is his first exhibition in Canada.

This exhibition also highlights a variety of vastly exhibited, award-winning artists including painters Anne Barkley, Bisa Bennett, Jane Burns, Serafino Catallo, Susan Donati, Ilya Gefter, Bonnie King, Lena Shugar, Huguette St-Germain, Lena Shugar and Shirley Williams, print-media artist Janet Lowry and sculptor Brett Davis. Included in this exhibition will be a large selection of original art work in a variety of sizes at affordable prices, with small works starting from $250.