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John Long

Bret Culp

Cher MacNeill

David Goorevitch

Janet Lowry

Anne Barkley

Serafino Catallo

Peter Colbert

Jane Burns

Rita Vindedzis

Lena Shugar

Ilya Gefter
Hagop Hagopian
Hagop Khoubesserian

Margarida Neto

Kevin Sullivan

Selected Works by Gallery Artists
July 23 – August 28, 2007

Several sets of paintings, photographs and print-media art will be alternated on a bi-weekly basis during the summer months. The artists included in the show are: Anne Barkley, Serafino Catallo, Peter Colbert, Bret Culp, Ilya Gefter, David Goorewitch, Hagop Hagopian, Osheen Harruthoonyan, Hagop Khoubesserian, John Long, Janet Lowry, Margarida Neto, Lena Shugar and Rita Vindedzis.

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