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Leonardo Galleries has a well-established reputation for delivering exceptional custom framing services, with a commitment to using materials of the utmost quality and calibre.
Leonardo Frame Shoppe currently has a selection of over 1,000 mouldings from Italy, Spain and North America, ranging from classical water-gild and gold leaf to chic and contemporary hand-finished mouldings. We pride ourselves on our ability to find the perfect framing solution for every piece in your collection. During a framing consultation, our specialists work with you to create a framing design, which is based on your aesthetic preferences, the conservation needs of your piece and your individual budget needs. We are experts at framing paintings on canvas or board, works on paper (prints, photographs, documents), and excel at innovative framing constructions to house your memorabilia, works on fibre, ceramics or sports items.

Leonardo Frame Shoppe uses museum standard materials in all our custom framing, providing archival acid-free matting and backing to suit the needs of each piece. The use of non-archival materials during framing is one of the main reasons for unnecessary deterioration of many pieces.

Glass Options: UV Protection and Reflection Control
UV protective glass helps to prevent the damage caused by exposure to UV rays. It is available in various finishes, and will enhance the clarity and reduce reflection of your framed piece. We also offer a wide selection of glazing options, which includes clear regular, non-glare, conservation UV, museum glass and scratch-resistant Acrylite.

Mounting and Lamination
Leonardo Galleries offers a full range of mounting and lamination services. Vacuum-press dry mounting involves adhering paperwork to acid-free museum board, using a heating press. This process is excellent for keeping works such as reproductions and posters smooth and free from humidity damage. Plaque mounting and flush mounting both involve adhering paperwork to a finished plaque of wood with bevelled sides. Plaque mounting is available in a number of styles and colours, and is an excellent method to both preserve and create a finished look for posters, maps and other works on paper. Lamination, which involves sealing both sides of paperwork with plastic film, is also available. Lamination is ideal for paper items that need protection from frequent handling or weather, such as promotional material, educational materials and menus.

Metal frames vs. Wood frames
Due to their construction, metal frames cannot be sealed as well as wooden frames. As a result, moisture, dirt and contaminants can come in contact with the artwork, damaging it slowly over time. Although metal frames may be less expensive, wood frames provide superior protection for your artwork and will be a valuable investment into the longevity of your artwork.

Oil paintings can be on paper, a panel, canvas board or a canvas stretched over a frame (also called a strainer/stretcher). They require careful consideration of the colour, size and style when selecting the frame and are framed without glass. .
They require careful consideration of the colour, size and style when selecting the frame and are framed without glass.

Acrylic artwork can be done on paper, canvas, masonite board or a panel. Framing is dependent upon the material the artists painted on: if it is on a canvas and stretcher it can be framed similarly
to an oil painting without a mat or glass, whereas if it is on paper it can be framed with a mat and glass.




Pastel art is prone to flaking and smudging,
therefore it is recommended to provide
a bit of space between the glass and art
with double mats or spacers.




Shadow boxes are used to frame 3 dimensional objects
which are mounted into a deep box-like frame with glass.
This is a sophisticated method of minimizing exposure to
potentially harmful environmental pollutants and unnecessary handling.

Although this framing technique is commonly used for 3 dimensional
objects, it can also be applied to photographs and prints.
Objects such as musical instruments, sports jerseys, artefacts, childhood
memorabilia, medals and business products can also be framed in a shadow box.





Unique Solutions

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This painting done on hide was framed in a shadow box format. Small strips of leather were used to attach the piece to its mat and backing in order to safely secure the art, as well as cater to the aesthetic of the work.

Needlepoint pieces or works on fabric can be framed in a variety of ways. In most cases they need to be stretched over an acid-free board and then framed with a bit of space between the glass and art with double mats or spacers.





Creative framing
can help cover a rather unsightly cluster of switches and security system panels with a nicely framed painting, as shown.






Leonardo Frame Shoppe can accomodate any
specialized framing requests
from custom display cases to heavy object hanging solutions such as this eight pound bronze mask.