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3D Stereo Photography

John Long is a Toronto based artist who attained his BA in Photography from Ryerson University in 1981. John’s life long passion for 3D photography is evident in his work. He is delighted to present his latest exhibition using medium format film with 3D images that possess a sharpness and depth that will captivate the viewer. He uses special medium format stereo cameras, shooting fine-grain, low speed film from which he makes high resolution scans. He then assembles the images digitally and prints on Enhanced Matte paper using Ultrachrome inks. 3D photography’s subtle interplay of complex layers and planes is the hot trend in viewing - this is a show that will truly expand your experience of photography

His stereo work is presented in a variety of formats: as stereo slides viewable in a late 19th century Taxiphote viewer, triptych prints viewable with a Hyperviewer large format viewer, as large diptych prints using a cross-eye viewing technique, and most recently as backlight stereo photographs that are viewed in the third dimension without the use of any optical equipment.

John Long’s panoramic work exemplifies diversity in many ways. His Landscapes are contemplative, serene, vast and tumultuous. Free of human presence, African landscapes present us with mystery while Canadian landscapes reveal the grandeur and serenity that can be found in open spaces.


Stereo photography falls into a visual space somewhere between the conventions of traditional monographic photography and the three-dimensional world we live in. The stereo photograph creates an interactive experience with the viewer and has the potential to disrupt and reconfigure the ordinary relationship between viewer and image, challenging the viewer to perceive the image in new, complex, and sometimes startling ways.

What is Stereo Photography? When we listen to music, we listen with two ears about eight inches apart and hear the music from two slightly different directions. Thus, our brains process this information into "stereophonic" music. Stereo recordings attempt to recreate this experience by using two microphones: one for the right ear and one for the left, which results in music that has both depth and dimension.

Similarly, our two eyes see the world from two slightly different perspectives, enabling our brains to combine them into a single image. Stereographic photography mimics this visual ability by using two camera lenses that are eye width apart, and composing two photographs designated for the left and right eyes. This trick/tool/mechanism thus produces an image that has startling depth.

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1975-81      Photographic Arts Department Ryerson University, Toronto


2010 Preview at Leonardo Galleries
2009 Realities Retouched CONTACT photography Festival
2008 One Year Younger CONTACT photography Festival
2007 Sculptural Images CONTACT photography Festival
2006 Landscapes Revealed CONTACT photography Festival Gallery Artists
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